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Delicious Exodus

So, reason for doing this: I used to use Delicious, a pretty good service for hosting bookmarks remotely, but they tanked recently and swapped owners and now the whole site is in limbo. So instead, for my personal sanity, I’m putting everything here.

Difference of supernaturality - how The Black Tapes and Tanis easily exist within the same timeline

If you haven’t been following The Black Tapes or TANIS, they are two podcasts that I am thoroughly in love with at the moment. They are creepy, dark, investigative horror taking place in the Pacific Northwest. This post was part of a community debate at the r/PNWS subreddit. If you haven’t listened to either podcast, I urge you to go do so. We’ll try not to get too far head of you, in the mean while.

Gaming Related Stuff on Youtube That I Like

It’s all pretty good stuff, and I don’t remember who showed me what.

Disproportionate world news? More accurately, disproportionate internet echoes.

I would like to start out with saying that any attack on civilians is absolutely abhorrent. And if anybody needs time to grieve or recollect themselves in wake of hearing of another monstrous attack, they by all means deserve it. In light of that, please skip this or hide it on whatever social media it popped up on, if you don’t want to engage in a discussion of the current meta-narrative. I understand.

Thinking Traps

Thinking Traps are groups of thought patterns that self-reinforce a negative archetype of you, others, or the world. They can come about naturally, and may have been defense mechanisms in the past. When the brain enters autopilot, it is likely to start engaging them. It is important to confront and challenge them when they happen, because even if they may be valid once or twice, the vast majority of them can be toxic. So ask yourself: Are you...

New Blog

I have updated to this new blog because I didn’t like how bloated Blogger is. This is just markdown and PHP and stuff. It’s pretty cool. Some things may be a bit janky, let me know if so!

Make dat phone productive

Here are some HOT TAKES on how to make your new smartphone not so dump.

Good Documentaries

Here’s a list of documentaries I really enjoyed, that I thought were a worthwhile watch.

It’s been a while.

I suppose it’s been quite a while since I last spoke of what I’ve been up to. It’s somewhat complicated. Lots of ups, and downs, and rights, and wrongs. I haven’t written in my blog for a while. My posts on Facebook have been free of much emotional content. My twitter has been mostly dead.